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Laser Tag Exeter is Devon’s leading outdoor laser tag centre with 25 years experience.

Exeter laser tag uses the latest state of the art digital laser guns for the ultimate outdoor adventure experience for all ages from 6+, using the latest high tech infra red laser technology, accurate for 100 metres,  you will play in a safe environment, no projectiles no bruises for an adrenaline filled day.

Laser Tag is played within our themed game arenas.  bridges, mock village, crashed plane & many more.. At the beginning of each laser game the players are briefed on the object of the game. Fully unlimited ammo, no extras to purchase on the day!

 Laser Tag Instructors stay with the group throughout the session to help and advise.

 Only Centre In The Southwest Offering These Great Digital Upgrades To Enhance Game Play 

THE BIG GUN – A Massive Fully Auto Turret Machine Gun M2 50 cal! This gun is for all to use, enhanced sound effects. – DOMINATION TUBE* – First team to take control and display there team colour wins! MEDIC BOXES* – Revive team mates to help your team  FLAG BOXES* – Digital flags, capture using your gun to be victorious MP5 UPGRADE GUNS  – The very latest digital laser tag weapon, PYROTECHNICS AVAILABLE.


Upgrade Guns, Smoke Bombs, Medic Boxes


Discounted Options - SOE accredited - Full Insurance


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